String Technique: The Best Way to Use a Grass Trimmer

Lawn maintenance is an art as many avid gardeners will tell you. Mowing the lawn with the right equipment is one of the most important tools you will need. The lawn mower has been the main equipment used for centuries; while the hedge trimmers or hedge shears are generally used to manicure the edgings and getting into those hard to reach spots around flower pots and flower beds. The grass trimmers have eliminated the extra work of manicuring and cleaning around these hard to reach areas and have even replaced the trusty lawn mower. Although the grass trimmer is simple to use, like all tools there are guidelines and instructions published by the manufacturers’ for safety reasons which must be adhered.

String Position When Cutting Grass

Before cutting, turn on the grass trimmer to determine which way the string rotates. If it rotates anti-clockwise then the cutting edge is on the right side and the waste chute will be on the left. If the reverse position is determined then everything is in the reverse as indicated above. To begin cutting your grass, position the waste chute away from the fence or wall; if positioned with the waste chute along the wall while cutting, you will find you have a pile of grass cuttings to contend with which will clog your path and make it more difficult to cut properly.

Angle the string down and the body of the trimmer up and away from the fence, using the tip of the string to cut the grass. This angled position will give you a cleaner look to your fence line or lawn edge and is called tapering.  Using the body of the string to cut may damage the string and cause breakage, and may give you an uneven height grass after cutting. This technique is called parallel cutting.

Using the grass trimmer to cut a wider area as the entire lawn will take some skill, as you have to get your whole body involved. Holding the trimmer sweep it in a semi-circular motion over the grass and you will be able to cover and cut a wider expanse of lawn.

Preparation before Using the Grass Trimmer

  • Wear clothing that covers and protect your body completely. Long sleeve shirts, thick trousers, heavy boots with steel toes, thick, comfortable garden gloves, protective visors as well as dust masks are all very important gear to wear.
  • Search the grass before cutting to get rid of any debris that may get caught in the path of the trimmer strings; these will become missiles and can travel as fast as 300mph in any direction. This is very dangerous to eyes as well as windows and car windshields. Secure any cables and electrical wires that may be in use on the ground, if caught in the trimmer strings they may be damaged badly.
  • Position the grass trimmer so as to avoid persons passing in the vicinity of you cutting the grass. If unable to secure persons from injury it is best to turn the machine off and allow them to pass. Children should be in a secure area away from any possible missiles that will cause injury.

Owning a grass trimmer comes with a lot of responsibility, but used correctly will give you years of service and have a lawn and garden admired by all.

How to Protect Fences From the Weed Eater

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Depending on the kind of fencing you have the weed eater may cause some damage. Wooden fencing is very susceptible to the whacker as it will wear away the integrity of the wood over time. Metal fencing is just as exposed as it will have visible nicks and scratches to deal with along your fence line. It may even cause rusting after a while, as water from the garden hose or rains will start eating away at the material. Putting fence protectors along the base of the fence line is the only option. There are quite a number of choices which may be used, depending on what you like.

Types of Fence Line Protectors

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Roof Flashing
  • Commercial Post Protectors
  • Corrugated Piping
  • Custom Made Post Protectors

Ceramic Tiles

You may already have some ceramic tiles lying around from jobs done before, this is ideal for using as fence protection from the weed eater. For some contrast and decorative ideas, you may install them at the base of your fencing. This will protect the posts from the angry lashes of the whacker string. It will also add a touch of elegance to your laws especially if they are colored tiles. Installation is easy as you may use adhesive for affixing them to the fence posts.

Roof Flashing

Just as you may have done with the leftover ceramics you had, using the leftover roof flashing is also ideal for protecting your fencing. Run the flashing along the fence line, maybe planting it 3-4 inches along the grass height. This will make it hidden but enough to protect the posts from the weed eater. Installation is also easy, as you may use screws or nails to affix them to the wood.

Commercial Post Protectors

These are similar to your roof flashing as they are made of metal. The difference is, they are cut specific to the width of the posts and are installed with screws or nails. There are some made to be wrapped around the circumference of the fence to protect both sides, while there are some made to protect only one side. Installation instructions come with packaging and is an excellent place to gather information on all the above types of fence line post protection.

Corrugated Piping

This you may have to purchase should you choose this option. Some are made with cuts in the sides of the piping which you will slide the posts through. Remember to turn the pipe down as the open end will collect water which will rot the wood over time.

Custom Made Post Protectors

If you are a DIY person you may want to make your very own fence post protectors. They are ideal for blending into the background and will be the color of your wooden post anyhow. From this source, you are able to make the wooden protective boxes for the fencing. It is ideal as to what you want and will be a job you will be proud of the undertaking.

Another way of protecting your fence posts is to operate your weed eater slowly and carefully around your fence. The slower speed will not be so damaging, as the rotation of the string will be less.

How to String a Dual-sided Weed Eater Spool

All modern weed whackers are manufactured with dual-sided spools. Stringing these spools are not the same, and the manufacturers of their brand will give detailed instructions on how to string. Basically, the steps are similar, and if you have a general knowledge of how to string your weed eater you will be able to grasp the differences in any model you come in contact. Today we are going to learn the step by step instructions for stringing the Craftsman 358.791590, which is a good string trimmer to buy.

Things you Need for Stringing the Craftsman 358.791590 Weed Eater

  • Correct size line package for the trimmer
  • Dual-sided spool for weed eater
  • Scissors

Instructions on how to String Spool

  1. Because they are made in either gas or electric powered machines, you must disable the power source. For the gas-powered machine, turn off the power switch. For the electric powered one, unplug from the electricity source
  2. If stringing spool during a time of use, please allow the engine to cool for a while as it can become very hot and you will be hurt if handled hot
  3. On the trimmer head, there is a tab that you squeeze to release the spool. When this is done it automatically releases the spool and cover
  4. Remove any pieces of string from the spool, as well as debris ensuring spool chamber is clean also the cover
  5. The Craftsman 791590 weed eater uses 15 feet of string, so cut this length for restringing spool. It is advised to use the length specified by the manufacturer, as overloading spool chamber will make it difficult for strung spool to fit back into cover
  6. To insert the string on the spool, you need to fold it into two parts. Inserting the creased end of the string into the center slot of the spool. Position your index finger in the center line of the string. Using your thumb and remaining fingers while turning the spool in a clockwise direction string the spool
  7. After winding the length of string to spool, locate the exit holes on the spool. Push the end of the string through each hole individually and slide the filled spool back in the cover.
  8. By tugging on each end of the string they should move freely through each hole, this means you have restrung the string correctly
  9. Replace the spool and cover in the weed eater’s cutting head chamber
  10. Using the scissors, trim the excess lengths of string from each side to match the required specification of the line limiter blade

After following the instructions above, you are free to repower your machine. Some persons choose to use the already strung replacement spools as they require not much effort on their part. However, if you enjoy DIY (do it yourself) projects then this is really a job for you. The satisfaction from the effort will be worth it.

When restringing your weed eater spool one thing to remember; you have to use the required size diameter string. Larger strings will cause complications, and they will not feed out with ease. This is because the holes in the spool chamber for the string is too small to accommodate them. So, follow all instructions of the manual, and you will have a perfect run weed eater.







Ariens Zoom 50 – A Great Riding Lawn Mower

The Ariens Zoom 50″ Zero Turn riding mower is seeing more and more newcomers to zero turns turning to it. If you search around the Internet long enough, you’ll find that more and more consumers say, “This is my first riding mower.” This is excellent for the riding mower industry as you won’t find many complaints, if any, about the Ariens Zoom 50″ zero turn or any of the Ariens Zoom zero turn line for that matter.

Any choice is easy to make when you have enough information. When you’re considering a purchase of over $1,000, the more information you have, the least likely you are about buyers remorse. Let’s look at three good reasons why you might actually want to own an Ariens Zoom 50″ Zero Turn.

Reason Number 1, Unlike a lot of lawn tractors and zero turns which can be intimidating to get on and ride, the Ariens Zoom 50″ zero turn is a cinch. No matter what your experience level, you’ll get right on this ZT rider and productively mow. You make a valid point when you point out that you’ve never been on a riding mower before. That may very well be true, however it doesn’t matter with the Ariens Zoom zero turn line. Ariens took all that into play and designed a zero turn that’s easy enough to operate for a first time user, yet powerful enough to get a 3 acre lawn with landscape cut in no time flat.

Second, It doesn’t matter if you have hedges or slopes, the Ariens 50″ zero turn takes on slopes like a champ. And hedges and flower beds? You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, It will look like you spent hours on your lawn or spent hundreds from your bank account. And only you (and the neighbors who enviously watched) will know.

Third and last, You don’t have to worry about your newer being manhandled at the store, the deck stepped on, all the gadgets messed with, or sticky fingers. Once you order your Ariens Zoom 50″ (this mower is only available online), it’s sent to a warehouse of sorts (in the US) and assembled with the utmost care and then delivered by an awesome group of knowledgeable people. This will most likely mean that they may even be able to answer questions you may have. Once again, you are going to be so impressed with your new Ariens Zoom 50″ riding mower!

While thinking about which riding mower to purchase, consider the three reasons to consider an Ariens Zoom 50″ zero turn. Evaluate the reasons, then look at the specifications of the mower. Read the consumer reviews. When you do, I suspect that you will agree, all factors involved create a compelling case in favor of owning an Ariens Zoom 50″ Zero Turn. Do they really apply to you also?

Seriously now, just think about it for a moment. Don’t those reasons apply to you? Perhaps you really should take a look at the complete product description and specifications.

Why You Should Buy a Ryobi Weed Eater

Ryobi trimmer ZRRY29550

Do you still stick to old big overpriced landscaper to trim your lawn and make it a glorious lush that you always dream of? If yes, then it is time you give up the idea of using such lawn trimmers and get something innovative, powerful, versatile and cost effective like the Ryobi Trimmer. You must wonder why all of sudden the direct reference of Ryobi trimmer came when there are so many other trimmers in the market that you can find almost in the similar price bracket! There are indeed reasons behind this!

Ryobi has been the pioneer of setting the standards of such outdoor powered lawn and garden construction tools since their commencement and has set the standards for weed eater trimmer quite high. It also takes every care during the production of trimmers and weed eaters. The touch of innovation, versatility and power in the trimmer from Ryobi has made it unique trimming product. Every weed eater string trimmer from Ryobi has the tag of the highest quality engineering that makes things easier for end users to trim their grassy lawns with peace of mind.

Ryobi has continued their excellence with Ryobi trimmer and other outdoor power tools like Ryobi weed eater to establish themselves as the first choice of professional as well as homeowners for lawn and garden trimming. With the usage of such a trimmer you simply get your job done as the tools of Ryobi make them done right.

Besides the above said features Ryobi also boasts of extended range of trimmers. The wide selection of trimmers gives you the option to choose a trimmer that suits best your needs. Each model of trimmer has actually been created keeping in mind the specific and varied needs of customers. Since the gardens, yards and landscape lawns are not equal in their scheme hence Ryobi has the myriad of options when it comes to selecting the best string trimmer for such gardens and lawns. It would suit the landscaping needs of all gardeners and homeowners. And you will realize the experience once you use a Ryobi Trimmer .

The Drawbacks of Zero-turn Mowers

Despite the many advantages of zero-turn mowers, there are some downsides to consider. For starters, if your yard has areas that slope at angles greater than 10 to 15 degrees, a zero-turn riding mower isn’t a safe bet in those spots because it could roll over. But if you only have limited areas that slope steeply, you can compromise by using a push mower or hand trimmer to take care of just those vicinities. Mowing on wet terrain can also increase the chances of sliding and losing control, or lead to lawn damage because of the weight of the mower, so only mow when the lawn is sufficiently dry. Whatever you do, if you are taking your zero-turn mower along a gentle slope or across a patch of damp grass, take it easy, stay alert for trouble spots, never rush and adhere closely to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

It can take a couple of turns around the yard to feel comfortable at the helm of a zero-turn mower. Since a few different variations on the basic steering system configuration exist, it’s a good idea to take any mowers under serious consideration for a test drive before you slap down the couple of thousand dollars one will typically set you back.

There’s also the matter of pollution. Lawn mowers and other gas-powered garden equipment might not leap to mind when you consider sources of air pollution, but they’re actually significant contributors for their size, especially older models that lack catalytic converters. Running a typical gas-powered lawn mower for an hour produces the same amount of smog-generating hydrocarbons as driving an average car for close to 200 miles (321 kilometers) [source: EPA]. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted stricter regulations to go into effect across 2010 and 2011, which include measures such as required catalytic converters in small engines aimed to both decrease emissions and cut fuel waste.

In their defense, gas-powered zero-turn mowers do generally get the job done significantly faster and with more fuel efficiency than other types of riding lawn mowers. While this helps ease some of the pollution and fuel concerns, they’re both still factors you might want to take into consideration.

When it comes to sparing the environment — and neighborhood lungs — from air pollution, some manufacturers are taking matters into their own hands. Although currently available only in more industrial models, some companies are starting to offer zero-turn mowers that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is still a fossil fuel that produces greenhouse gases, but it burns cleaner than gasoline, diesel or propane. In comparison to gasoline, CNG emits an average of 80 percent less ozone-forming emissions [source: Consumer Energy Center]. Electric zero-turn mowers are also beginning to hit the market, although they’re still perhaps a bit cost-prohibitive for average consumers.

How to Choose the Perfect Riding Lawn Mower

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