How to String a Dual-sided Weed Eater Spool

All modern weed whackers are manufactured with dual-sided spools. Stringing these spools are not the same, and the manufacturers of their brand will give detailed instructions on how to string. Basically, the steps are similar, and if you have a general knowledge of how to string your weed eater you will be able to grasp the differences in any model you come in contact. Today we are going to learn the step by step instructions for stringing the Craftsman 358.791590, which is a good string trimmer to buy.

Things you Need for Stringing the Craftsman 358.791590 Weed Eater

  • Correct size line package for the trimmer
  • Dual-sided spool for weed eater
  • Scissors

Instructions on how to String Spool

  1. Because they are made in either gas or electric powered machines, you must disable the power source. For the gas-powered machine, turn off the power switch. For the electric powered one, unplug from the electricity source
  2. If stringing spool during a time of use, please allow the engine to cool for a while as it can become very hot and you will be hurt if handled hot
  3. On the trimmer head, there is a tab that you squeeze to release the spool. When this is done it automatically releases the spool and cover
  4. Remove any pieces of string from the spool, as well as debris ensuring spool chamber is clean also the cover
  5. The Craftsman 791590 weed eater uses 15 feet of string, so cut this length for restringing spool. It is advised to use the length specified by the manufacturer, as overloading spool chamber will make it difficult for strung spool to fit back into cover
  6. To insert the string on the spool, you need to fold it into two parts. Inserting the creased end of the string into the center slot of the spool. Position your index finger in the center line of the string. Using your thumb and remaining fingers while turning the spool in a clockwise direction string the spool
  7. After winding the length of string to spool, locate the exit holes on the spool. Push the end of the string through each hole individually and slide the filled spool back in the cover.
  8. By tugging on each end of the string they should move freely through each hole, this means you have restrung the string correctly
  9. Replace the spool and cover in the weed eater’s cutting head chamber
  10. Using the scissors, trim the excess lengths of string from each side to match the required specification of the line limiter blade

After following the instructions above, you are free to repower your machine. Some persons choose to use the already strung replacement spools as they require not much effort on their part. However, if you enjoy DIY (do it yourself) projects then this is really a job for you. The satisfaction from the effort will be worth it.

When restringing your weed eater spool one thing to remember; you have to use the required size diameter string. Larger strings will cause complications, and they will not feed out with ease. This is because the holes in the spool chamber for the string is too small to accommodate them. So, follow all instructions of the manual, and you will have a perfect run weed eater.







Walter Brown